A story about finding yourself,

by following your dreams

Cliffy Z was created in an attempt to fill a void in a market that did not seem to offer many options, especially for someone like me — a tomboy, a girl who wears boxer briefs. 

One day, as I was wondering through the men’s isles, shopping for underwear… it hit me. I didn’t need that pouch area (you know, that extra crotch material). That, for me, was just unnecessary. Then I thought about all the other women out there who might share that same feeling, or the people just looking for comfortable under garments that were made for them and who they truly are. What about the women ransacking their boyfriend's dressers for a pair of underwear, just to have more coverage?

Finally, after years of sidelining my entrepreneurial dreams, I started the journey. At first, I thought, “How could I do this? I don’t know where to start.” There was that moment of doubt, which I suppose all entrepreneurs can relate to. But I buckled down, didn’t give up on my dreams, and, in that, I found a much bigger purpose. I was not just filling a void. I was fulfilling a need for every woman, no matter what size or body type, while also being gender inclusive. 

Underwear is more than just a hidden article of clothing. It is a form of security and self-expression. Plus, why should the guys have all the fun?

Everyone should have the opportunity to live cool, comfy, and confident in their Cliffy Z’s: boxer briefs made by a woman, for every kind of woman.

- Tatiana

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